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Railmaster Exports

209 Royal Road, Royal Heights, Auckland 8 New Zealand. Tel + 64 9833 8711 Fax + 64 9833 8709
email: john@railmaster.co.nz

Welcome to Railmaster Exports

We are the Pacific regional distributors for ace trains. We buy and sell old toy trains & autos.

For more info on the items listed below and many other items please contact us or visit our Website at:

Corgi Dinky Dinky Hornby
A fine selection of character diecast available.
A fine selection of Dinky diecast available.
A fine selection of MIB Dinky diecast available.
1929 Hornby 'O'
Hornby Hornby Hornby Hornby Argentine
1935 Hornby 'O' 1937 Hornby 'O' 1937 Hornby 'O' 1948 Hornby E502 Argentine
Bassett Lowke Bassett Lowke Bassett Lowke Marklin
Bassett Lowke 'O' Bassett Lowke 'O' Bassett Lowke 'O' Marklin Bing 'O'
Marklin Hornby Hornby Hornby
1919 Marklin 1925 Hornby 'O' 1926 Hornby 'O' Hornby 'O'
Hornby O Paya and Marklin Marklin Marklin
Hornby 'O' Paya & Marklin 'O' 1948 Marklin 'O' set Hornby Middleton






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