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Star Wars Action Figure Price Guide

Star Wars Large Size Action Figures - Part II [ click here for Part I ]
These days, Star Wars action figures are everywhere. With the release of the Special Edition movies in the 1990s came the biggest production of Star Wars merchandise the world had ever seen. Action figures were, and still are, there in 'force'. One of the most popular current figure lines is Hasbro's large 'Deluxe' action figure assortment, with well over 100 different character variants made so far, and collector demand still high. But where did it all begin? Let's hop into the Toyzine time machine and take the trip back...

In the fast moving and competitive world of toy marketing, shortcuts are a necessary survival step. For instance, when the deadline for release of promo photos of new items cuts too fine and the final product isn't camera ready, you just have to try and make do. The below four pictures are classic examples of rush jobs. Luke and Leia appeared in these oddball yet obviously recognizable forms in the 1978 Toltoys Australia Toy Retailer Catalogue. These figures are one off mock ups, designed to give a suitable impression of the upcoming new product to possible toy shop stockists.

Han Solo and the Stormtrooper are shown as they appeared in the Toltoys Catalogue for 1979. The Han prototype is a pretty good match for his later mass-produced brethren... except above the shoulders. The Harrison Ford likeness must have been still with the sculptor, so someone at Kenner went through the factory parts box and found a spare head, thinking near enough was good enough. Turned out the stand-in rubber skull belonged to Kenner's figure of Parker Stevenson, as Frank Hardy from The Hardy Boys TV show (Parker Stevenson should be mighty grateful, I think... many actors would paraglide off Roseanne Barr for the opportunity to play Han Solo, even in plastic). But the cheekiest shot of all has to be our 'large' (ahem!) Stormtrooper. With no glimmer of a workable prototype for light years around, the only show-up was a blow-up. An enlarged photograph of a standard small Stormtrooper figure was snuck in as a last minute problem solver.


Luke and Leia appeared in these oddball yet obviously recognizable forms in the 1978 Toltoys Luke and Leia appeared in these oddball yet obviously recognizable forms in the 1978 Toltoys Han Solo and the Stormtrooper are shown as they appeared in the Toltoys Catalogue for 1979Han Solo and the Stormtrooper are shown as they appeared in the Toltoys Catalogue for 1979


The most important thing to remember when using a price guide is the word "guide". The prices quoted reflect an estimate of the retail value of a particular item i.e. the price you might expect to pay for the item in a collectibles store or antique shop, if that item is in the condition listed. A price range for each condition category is given to allow for global differences (a particular item may be more sought after in the USA than England, for instance), and that, as a general rule, no price is absolute. If a dealer has a particular item in quantity, they may wish to sell at a lower price, but if an item has been very difficult to acquire they may choose to sell at a higher price. There is really no 'hard' price for any particular collectable, hence the word 'guide'.


A large size figure complete with all of the items listed in the 'Accessories' column, but without the original box and associated packaging. The figure and accessories should be in 'as new' condition: no tears or stains on clothing, no broken plastic parts, etc. Figures in lesser condition, or with missing or damaged accessories would have a lesser value than that listed.

A large size figure complete with all of the items listed in the 'Accessories' column, and with the original box and associated packaging. The figure itself should fit the 'loose complete' definition, and the box should be in 'as new' condition: no creases, tears or ink scribbles on the cardboard, no damage to the cellophane window and complete with the cardboard box insert to which the figure should be 'twist-tied'. Figures in damaged or worn boxes would have a lesser value than that listed, even if the figure itself is 'loose complete'.

All prices quoted are in US dollars.


Luke Skywalker

white jacket, light brown pants, white rubber boots, black vinyl belt, grappling hook with white rope, blue plastic lightsaber. $150 - $200 $350 - $450

Princess Leia Organa

white dress with mini cape, grey vinyl belt, white socks, white vinyl shoes, 2 brown plastic ‘doughnuts’ for maintaining hair shape, blue plastic comb, blue plastic mirror, hairstyle booklet. $100 - $125 $200 - $250

Han Solo

black pants and vest, white shirt, black vinyl gunbelt, black vinyl boots, black plastic laser pistol, gold Medal of Honor on ribbon. $200 - $250 $550 - $650

Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi

white gown with black turtleneck collar, brown hooded cloak, brown vinyl boots, yellow plastic lightsaber. $150 - $200 $350 - $450

Darth Vader

black cape, red plastic lightsaber. $100 - $125 $200 - $250


brown hooded cloak, vinyl ‘webbing’ $100 - $125 $200 - $250


no accessories $50 - $75 $100 - $150


2 removable Death Star plans with ‘computer ‘style stickers. $50 - $75 $150 - $200


brown vinyl bandoleer belt with 16 removable grey plastic ammunition cartridges, brown plastic pouch, black plastic rifle with bow front and arm support strap. $100 - $125 $175 - $200


black plastic laser rifle, black string rifle holster. $125 - $150 $250 - $300

Boba Fett

brown vinyl belt, black plastic laser rifle with shoulder strap, thin green cape, clip-on plastic backpack with 2 white vinyl jets, red plastic missile with four-pronged white rubber tip, black string and black plastic ring attached to missile, double plaited rope of beads and Wookie scalps. $150 - $200 $800 - $1000


black plastic laser pistol, black plastic laser rifle, brown vinyl ammunition belt with 4 orange plastic grenades. $250 - $350 $900 - $1100

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