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doc atomic

Robots, rockets, and ray guns. In the mid-20th century, space was the place and the future was just around the corner. Today, space toys represent yesterday's vision of tomorrow. They're imaginative, evocative, and just plain fun. Doc Atomic's Attic of Astounding Artifacts feature...


Atomic Ray Gun (Tudor Rose, 1950s)

While the United States produced a majority of toy ray guns, some of the most beautiful, like the Atomic Ray Gun, came out of Great Britain.
Atomic Ray Gun 1950s Great Britain Space RayGun collectible Toy

Atomic Ray Gun 1950s Great Britain Space RayGun collectible Toy

I'm not exactly sure what the designers were thinking when they came up with the Atomic Ray, but the sculpted handle is scaled to fit comfortably in an adult-sized hand -- slightly odd at the time, but perfect for today's collector! The gun features an abundance of rings and molded gadgetry, as well as two non-functional, free-spinning knobs on either side.
Atomic Ray Gun 1950s Great Britain Space RayGun collectible Toy

Atomic Ray Gun 1950s Great Britain Space RayGun collectible Toy

The toy fired a strange suction cup dart with a forked back. A rubber band stretched vertically through the middle of the barrel; the dart would push back on the rubber band and clip on either end. Imagine a tiny bow and arrow an you've got the general picture. The firing mechanism is unique to this gun, which isn't surprising considering how overly complicated it is. But the darts look suitably impressive...

Atomic Ray Gun 1950s Great Britain Space RayGun collectible Toy

The gun was also available in a copper-colored version, which is a touch rarer. It was also originally sold with three darts. I bought this from a wonderful dealer in the U.K. named Antoni Emchowicz. He runs a web site called Zoomer Toys, and is also the author of one of my favorite space toy books, Future Toys.


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