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  Wanted To Buy Description & Email Contact
  Captain Crunch
Help I have been looking for four premium toys from captain crunch from the 1970s. They are a plastic telescope, plastic binoculars,a glow in the dark ball and a storyscope that you put around your wrist.If anyione has these please contact me. I will pay top dollar. I had these toys as a child. Email
  Action Figures
All G.I Joes, He-Man Masters of the universe, Dino Riders, Starcom and Hasbro WWF Figures, any condition, cash paid! Email
  Mobo Bronco
Looking for a Mobo Bronco Vintage Ride On Horse, with working spring action. Preferably mint/excellent condition - original paint, no rust, intact plastic reins. Would prefer the light grey version, with red saddle and blue and yellow saddle cloth. Email
  Dankin Little Pegasus
Looking for a late 70's #28-1188 Little Pegasus by R. Dankin & Company, good-excellent condition. Email
  Popeye Patrol Motorcycle
Popeye Patrol motorcycle by Hubley. Any condition,with or without the Popeye figure. Please e-mail Jamie at
  VORKAN Vinyl Mask
Seeking the VORKAN vinyl mask 'kit' by Pressman. Made in the late-70's/early 80's. It is the red-ish with one with large eyes (it is one of three masks from this "Space Creatures" series). I am interested in parts as well as a complete mask. Please email Clint at
  Toy Car
I am looking for a toy car, sedan as opposed to a truck, probably german make, metallic, which has a hand crank in front (that is attached to a flywheel), to make the toy car move. Please email:
  Marushin Panhead
Marushin Panhead 1/6 engine kit and motor drive unit. Please email
  Ocean Liner & Shipping Memorabilia
Ocean liner and shipping memorabilia, 1900 - 1980. Small and large collections purchased. Email
  Corgi Juniors
A Corgi Juniors Range Rover Coastguard wanted in excellent to mint condition. Email:
  1975 Skipper Growing Up Doll
This doll is Barbies younger sister and she changes from a young girl to a young lady when you twist her arm round. She is made by Mattel..I think. I believe there is one with red hair and one with blonde, I am after the 1975 blonde version. Email:
  1979 Kenner "Alien" Action Figure
All parts must work. Must have all 5 spines on back. Retractable inside jaw must operate. Must have smoke cover on head. In-box preferred to ensure perfect condition, but definitely not necessary. This is to replace a favorite childhood toy that was lost years ago. Include pictures (a must). Please email me at

Action Figure
I am interested in buying or trading Action Figure toys from the 1970's tp present. I mainly collect fantasy figures like: He-Man [80's to present], Blackstar, thundercat, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, M.U.S.C.L.E. Men, any skeleton figures, and even many others. If you want to sell or trade any Action Figures email me:

  Action Figures & Accessories from 70s & 80s
I am looking for various loose 70s & 80s action figures and accessories from the following toy lines: Matchbox Robotech, LJN Thundercats, The Black Hole, Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica, LJN AD&D, Crystar, Sectaurs, Silverhawks, Visionaries, Power Lords, Blackstar, Shogun Warriors, Star Wars, Super Powers, Voltron, etc.. Email me for my exact list, I will buy and trade. EMAIL:

Action Products - "Woodkits"
Megalodon - Shark Jaws. Made in the United States. Maker: Action Products - "Woodkit". Year of production: 2002 -2003. Description: wooded kit that assembles an open jaw with teeth. Came in 4 sizes, from 1 foot tall to 6 foot tall. Condition ANY condition, but prefer it to not be constructed. Email:

Anything in good condition related to 1970's & older Airfix, USAirfix, Airfix Craftmaster, Airfix Corporation. Email:
  Airplane kits - wood model
Old wood model airplane kits or built models. Tel Mike + 815 942 0380 Mike and Dora Walker Email:
  Albert Alligator Pencil Chomper
I am looking for an Albert Alligator Pencil Chomper which was around in the mid to late 70s. Condition does not have to be perfect. EMAIL:
  Alfa Romeo by CIJ
HELP! HELP! I am looking for a tin clockwork powered Alfa Romeo model made in France in the late 20' or early 30's by CIJ. Will consider any condition! Email:
  ALIEN 18" by Kenner
Head Dome and Dorsal Spine (copy/replica ok) clear/smoke Head Dome and "5th" Dorsal Spine. Email:
  Amusement Park toy--pretend play--mid 1970's
Amusement park contains 5 different rides each on a square platform which encases a flat circular gear inside. (The gear can be seen on all four sides of the platform). The rides connect to each other along with another platform with a crank. When put together, the crank will turn all the rides. It came with some sort of little people figures. Cannot remember exact name and have yet to find anywhere on internet. Email:

Annie Oakley Outfit
Small size yellow long sleeve Annie Oakley (Gail Davis) shirt from the Annie Oakley Outfit. Also Wanted a Gabby Hayes Prospectors Hat and a Hopalong Cassidy Generic Gun, Holster & Belt that came with the Hopalong Cassidy boys and girls outfits. Email:

  Apple & Worm Jack in the Box
I'm looking for a red apple that you wound up like a jack in the box and a green worm jumped up. It played a tune and worked just like a regular jack in the box. I have not other information on this. My baby sister had one as a small child and I want to get her another. Email:
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